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Ford Engineering Services Hattiesburg MS

Engineering Consultants Hattiesburg


2010 Oak Grove Road | Building 4, Suite 1

Hattiesburg, MS  39402

Phone: (601) 264-6333

Ford Engineering Projects


Based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Ford Engineering Services, PLLC, (FES) is an engineering and planning firm offering a wide array of services specializing in project planning, design, and administration. 


Project Approach

FES approaches every project on an individual basis by assessing the client’s goals, needs, and visions.  Service to our clients is of utmost importance and every practical effort is made to provide the service that is needed to make each project a success.  Communication with clients, governmental agencies, contractors, and other consultants is regarded as one of the most important elements required to help achieve a successful project.  We take pride in providing prompt efficient "hands on" service that our clients expect.  We realize that time is essential for each project and a strong effort is made to meet every deadline for the client.  FES is committed to providing the service that our clients need.

Project Experience

FES has completed numerous projects involving various elements of technical design and project management.  We have assisted numerous clients in achieving their project goals involving project planning, site development, design  code review, permit acquisition, and many other tasks.  We routinely partner with other firms and individuals who offer expertise in various elements of the project as conditions warrant.  

Engineering and Project Management

Commercial Site Design

Industrial Site Design

Electrical Substation Design




Sports Fields

Project Planning

Topography Studies

Environmental Impact Analyses

Required Permit Assessments

Land Usability Studies

Cost Estimates/Feasibility Studies

Certificate of Authority Registrations

Alabama - No. 5785 (Engineering)

Louisiana - No. 6427 (Engineering)

Mississippi - No. 2062 (Engineering)

Mississippi - No. 390 (Surveying)

Texas - No. 20749 (Engineering)


Mailing Address:

Ford Engineering Services, PLLC

2010 Oak Grove Road

Building 4, Suite 1

Hattiesburg, MS  39402

Phone: (601) 264-6333


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